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This is chin to double tape over the black part on the top of the headlight, in order to make it even with the black plastic and the glass  
Below there is some instructions from Raffy. Click here to read the full thread.
After doing many installs over the past year, and having 3 ballasts come loose off the Super velcro because of 100 plus heat, and learning from others who did it their own way with suggestions as to where and how to secure the ballast, I spent a couple of hours today and came up with a solution that I think will work.

I took a spare headlight over to Tap Plastics and asked if they would cut a piece of plastic 8x1.75x0.375" and another one that is 6.5x1.5x0.125". I used 3M double sided adhesive tape and set the 8" piece on top of the headlight housing where the lens and black housing meet to fill the 3/8" drop. I used the 6.5" piece and secured it on top of the lens next to the seam. This gave me an almost flat surface with a minor transition bump where the seam is.

Using the adhesive on the back of the ballast (supplied by Autolamps-Online), the ballast can be set flat on top of the headlight. Or one can use double sided tape as well. Velcro will still work with this setup.


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