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HID Install

Read a complete installation notes at MotoGear4You

This are instructions on how to install HID from Autolamps. I used MotoGear4You.com (Raffy) web site to get my kit and have no complains with the quality and price. If you are planing to install it on your bike, I recommend Raffy. He stands behind his products :)

First remove the windshield. There is instructions HERE. Remove the top cover and if your bike has the GPS arm, remove it too. (56kb) Release the windshield motor. There are 6 silver screws olding it. (50kb) Removing the motor, be very carefully with thw small wires on the back of white panel. You can demage it if you don't remove very slowly (46kb) Before removing, disconnect the wire connectore wth a big yellow wire. (64kb)
Now the trick: the motor need to be removed from the left side of the bike, turning up in the way you remove, and that white panel needs to be push away for a second pair of hands. (58kb) This is where the HID balast will rest, below the black bar, over the headlight cover (34kb) This is chin to double tape over the black part on the top of the headlight, in order to make it even with the black plastic and the glass (40kb) the chin aplyed on the black plastic, on the left side of the bike (24kb)
Final lock with the chin, ready to put double tape or velcro and then the balast. (42kb) Hole on the head light dust cover. Make the round hole, then use a small knive the make that dent,  See the HID cables to make sure you have the right size (20kb) The light over the headlight dust cover (49kb) Putting back the GPS arm, remmember to use a plastic to hold the screw there when mounting the cover panel. (42kb)
Same plastic. Other view. (42kb) The batery connected. Note the cables came under the gas tank (72kb) Second hole, to put the power cable inside, connecting to the old headlight holder. (54kb) Final assemble of dust cover. (55kb)
Balast in place (52kb)      


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